Tennis drills for coaches

All drills you will find on our site you can apply in your classes. We have got drills for all ages and levels, a lot of drills can also be adjusted to the playing level of your class.

Tennis drills for players

Just looking for some drills to practice with your friends? You can find a lot of tennis drills which are rally based, where all you need is to have a tennis racket, balls and a hitting partner.

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About me

My name is Serge Inácio. I love teaching, playing and watching tennis and would like to share drills I use in my lessons with you.

Why tennis?

I trained a lot, had a lot of lessons and been through a lot of drills. Easy ones, difficult ones, fun ones, some that I loved to do and some I hated but knew it was necessary. I learned a lot of my coaches.

I played a lot of tournaments, including some future, had some good results in my matches but unfortunately not good enough to get an ATP tour point.

Finally I had to start to make some Money. I got offered to coach at the club I once started. I accepted and made some coaching courses a long the 10 years I worked there. I learned a lot through these 10 years of coaching an used a lot of drills.

Why am I doing this website?

Web designing is a hobby of mine, did some curses on this subject and also learned a lot my self. As I really like to do some coding and designing, I decided to combine tennis and web design together, make this site and share tennis drills.

I hope you find what you are looking for on this site :).