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Avoid the red zone

Drill Objective: Encourage the player to hit deep and/or angled shots by marking a zone where he cannot play into.Go to drill →

Passing shot on the run

Drill Preparation: The coach sets up one target, at 3 quarter length, in order for the player to practice a cross-courtGo to drill →

Forehand cross-court / Inside Out

Drill Preparation: The coach sets up two targets, one in the deep corner for the players forehand cross-court, and anotherGo to drill →

Footwork to forehand

Drill Preparation: Position 4 cones one or two steps behind the baseline, starting near the doubles line until the center ofGo to drill →

Baseline to backhand slice approach to volley

Drill Preparation: The coach sets a total of three targets areas, one for each shot of the player. Two ofGo to drill →